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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Versus 2018 Cadillac Escalade - Atlanta, GA

October 18, 2017

It’s interesting to note that the same person is responsible for creating both the Lincoln and the Cadillac: Henry M. Leland. It is also interesting to note that both these brands are still being manufactured to this day after being founded by Leland over 100 years ago. What was that old adage of “If it’s worth doing …” Yeah, this certainly applies to Henry Leland. The Lincol ...     Read More »

History of Angela Krause Ford Lincoln of Alpharetta

October 10, 2017

Angela Krause Ford Lincoln of Alpharetta has some exciting news to share with our customers. We will be adding a new, stand-alone Lincoln Showroom next to our Ford showroom on Mansell Road. Our brand-new Lincoln showroom will be the only Lincoln showroom in the North Atlanta area and it is the only family-owned Lincoln dealership in Metro Atlanta as well. This state-of the-art facility will be ...     Read More »